U.S. Oil & Refining Co.

Air Program

U.S. Oil operates under a Title V Air Operating Permit issued by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, which requires us to monitor and maintain numerous pieces of process equipment on an ongoing basis to ensure and demonstrate compliance with strict environmental standards.

Continuous Emission Monitor Calibration

Tank Seal Inspections

Leak Detection & Repair Program

U.S. Oil continues to make extensive and ongoing investments, which are designed to produce cleaner-burning fuels while reducing air emissions. While U.S. Oil's gasoline inherently met EPA's low sulfur requirements, U.S. Oil partnered with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to make the investments necessary to produce ultra low sulfur diesel more than a year prior to EPA's mandated implementation deadline. During the fall of 2008, U.S. Oil completed development of the infrastructure necessary to blend ethanol and biodiesel into our fuels.

During recent years, U.S. Oil along with other regional oil refiners, have partnered with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to produce lower vapor pressure gasoline during the summer months to help fight summer smog in the Puget Sound basin. As a result, WSPA members in Washington State along with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency received EPA's Clean Air Excellence Award in 2000.